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“…instantly impressive.”
“‘Out In Cover’, the title track is a standout.”
“…a must see for anyone who likes their electro paired with melodic vocals.”
“[Out In Cover EP is] some debut, in fairness.”
“…I want to see them play a full set and then I want to see them again. They were incredibly good…”
“…an intriguing mixture of subtle beats and guitar-speckled electronica.”
Chris Wasser, Evening Herald
“One of the best new bands we’ve heard in a while”
John Barker, Totally Irish, 98FM
“I’ve been listening to their EP ‘Out In Cover’ which was released a short while back. It’s brilliant… I love the sound of DOGS.”
Joe Donnelly, TXFM Drive
“great bunch of lads”
“Containing DOGS broad electronic sound, ‘Drift’ is an ambitious new release from the band. The record is peppered with big, bold flourishes of electro beats and synths, finding the group embracing the sheer size of their own music sonically. It will be interesting to hear how their new E.P. follows suit.”
The Last Mixed Tape
I like DOGS. I’ve been playing their blissfully good ‘Underbeats’ track for a bit now, and it’s been added to a few Spotify playlists. ‘Drift’ is more euphoric, perhaps more Balearic, with a delicate piano loop and more vocals. Their Out In Cover EP (released two years ago) is very impressive, but with ‘Drift’ it’s clear DOGS have plenty to more to offer. Keep an eye on them.
Joe Donnelly, TXFM
Stop everything! First release in 2 years??? Do Sky News know about this?
Quint - commenter